BARF – Your Pet Will Thank You

When you move your dog/cat or loved pet to BARF dog food like this, you are helping them to go back to the way they were meant to be.

All the cute cats and dogs we have as pets today are all descendants of wild animals. There was higher immunity, strength and energy in those pets because they also learned to eat on their own, fending for themselves, often hunting for a meal. These wild animals were domesticated over thousands of years by people. When we hit the industrial age of processed and pre-packaged good it was inevitable in our hectic lives that the industry would provide us with another convenience, the result; canned food and dry kibble.put dog on barf diet

While we live in civilized times, it is important to not deprive your pets of the real energy levels they can have by eating BARF and by not feeding them canned and packaged food substances. these artificial food products and other supplements that are around today are not healthy and this is what BARF is looking at changing. Pet owners are taking the plunge by choosing this top rated option that has transformed the lives of their pets for the better.

When food is fresh, raw and uncooked, like BARF that is the ideal kind of diet that they used to eat and are biologically wired to make the most of. It is unprocessed raw food like in the Barf diet that is the healthy choice. This is the BARF meaning and philosophy – a look at changing your pet’s lifestyle. Your dog will not only have healthy insides but will also have stronger teeth. Much of the tartar buildup in your animal’s teeth will disappear.

His natural immunity will build up and there will also be better digestion and breakup of the substances consumed. This diet will also help alleviate allergies and other health conditions. You can be sure that your pet will have a full healthy and shiny new coat in no time. Make sure you keep discussing with your vet if you notice any unfavorable symptoms or are having trouble getting your dog used to BARF.
BARF was developed by experts and advocated  veterinarians all over the world, it is a quiet revolution that is taking place everywhere. The calories are bit higher when you opt for chicken, so you can also consider other low calorie and healthy red meat options. Beef which is high on linoleic acid is a great pick, it contains omega fatty acids which is great for dogs that are active and hyper. Certain breeds like pugs or even great Dane’s will do wonderfully well on this meat. You can also combine proteins in all different kinds of meat by making a meat mush of chicken, lamb, pork and beef. This combines many fatty acid and amino acid profiles and is a good blend of proteins that is more nutritious for your pet. BARF is creating a quiet revolution among pet owners with the wonderful and promising results that are being seen in them.

With BARF you will see that there is a change in the kind of stool passed by your pet so don’t be alarmed. Since BARF is natural and completely nutritious it is absorbed more completely in your pet. This is why, the stool that is passed is soft and dry – it will turn white and ashy with minimal residue. This is a result of a more thorough digestion and metabolism that is occurring in your pet. There is significantly reduced level of toxin and waste accumulation in the body which is reflected in the stool that is passed by the animal. It is not something that you have to feel awkward about, discussing how your dog is passing stool or keeping a track of it. In fact healthy stool passage is a sign of good health in your pet. Rather than skirting around the issue, BARF owners should come right to the point and see that there are changes which are indicating in the nutritional advantages your pet is gaining.

BARF: Many Health Benefits

When you consider the evolutionary hypothesis in relation to the BARF diet for dogs, you will agree that longevity, increased virility, good health, increased capacity, freedom from disease and more are consequences of the right eating habits. BARF is the answer to making sure all this is true of your pet.

The way you eat and the form in which nutrients are supplied definitely has a strong impact on the way your pet functions and grows as shown by numerous studies and theories by scientists everywhere. Another consideration with BARF is that absolute levels of calcium and phosphorous are extremely important for your dog, especially for large breeds. When you consider this with respect to having a good ratio and also the right levels to avoid brittle bones and other conditions a BARF raw food diet is healthier. With low level of soluble carbohydrates; and high levels of proteins & lipids, the dogs are getting energy from the right kind of food which is the secret of their good and long life.

BARF is the right choice for you loved pet.

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