BARF Actually Proves To Be Beneficial To Your Dog

barf diet dogsYou may be scratching your head when you are told that BARF is actually good for your dog to eat. It is not what you are thinking. BARF is actually a diet plan being followed by many dog owners. Scientists call it “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food,” while most dog owners refer it to as “Bones And Raw Food” diet.

Whatever you think BARF stands for, this dog food diet has been around for a long time. It is basically using natural food in your dog’s diet. Many dog owners have been giving their dogs this type of diet since the beginning of time.

If you want to follow this diet for your dog, you should follow some easy tips. Your dog should be fed the same nutrients as other diets, such as protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. The diet primarily evolves feeding your dogs raw meaty bones.

One note to remember is that you should not feed cooked bones to your dog. These bones are easily accessible to splintering and cause injury to their intestines as well as possibly death. Also, you should never feed your dog chopped bones, because of the sharp edges that can cause severe harm to your dog.The safe bones to feed your dog include mostly chicken bones, like the wings and necks. They provide your dog with high grade protein, essential fat sources, vitamins and other nutrients. This will give your dog that much-needed energy to be healthy. You can also feed your dog other bones of the chicken.

If you own a puppy, you can also follow this diet. These chicken bones are soft enough for you to feed your puppy. Some dog owners like me will actually use a mallet to make it easier for little puppies.

Besides the chicken bones, you can also use pigs’ feet, meaty ribs and lamb shanks. You can contact your veterinarians or go online to search for a list of these bones and meat products.

Some meats to avoid include pig belly and lamb off-cuts. They are too fatty to keep your dog trim. To feed them healthy meats, you should trim off large amounts of fat attached to the bones.

The BARF diet provides several benefits for your furry friend. First off, the bone marrow provides high source of iron and improve their immune system. These meats also provide the right balance of minerals like calcium as well as the B vitamins.

However, some benefits from this diet are not nutritious ones. Giving your dog a bone can also give him or her some excitement. They love to chew and gnaw on the bone for a little while. Maybe you can wean him or her from chewing on the legs of your couch. I said maybe.

This gnawing on the bone also is your dog’s equivalent of brushing your teeth. You may be worried about your dog getting parasites. Yes, it is always a possibility, but you should get your dog routine checked for that.

And finally, you should not forget vegetables. Dogs do need a wide selection of other foods besides meats. Following the BARF diet can improve the health of your pooch.

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