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What is the BARF diet?

If you are a dog lover, you may have heard about the BARF diet. BARF, i.e., Bones And Raw Food, is a diet for your dogs that focuses on bones and raw meat, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. The diet includes around 70% raw meat and bones, around 30% fruits, vegetables, and dairy, etc. Those […]

Dog food for weight loss

First of all, read this: “Researchers have begun pulling food samples off the shelves and testing them for all types of molds. One facility, Alltech, has analyzed 965 samples to date. The samples included grains, protein sources, by-products and animal feeds, including dog food.Here are some of the things they found: 98% of the samples […]

BARF – Your Pet Will Thank You

When you move your dog/cat or loved pet to BARF dog food like this, you are helping them to go back to the way they were meant to be. All the cute cats and dogs we have as pets today are all descendants of wild animals. There was higher immunity, strength and energy in those […]

BARF Diet – Healthy Raw Food For Your Pets

Why Serve Raw (BARF) Food to Your Pet? Dogs and cats in their natural environment were never designed to eat cooked food.  After their domestication, cooked meat began to be used to feed pets since the early 1900s.  It is a well known fact that animals’ digestive tracts are geared to digest raw meat and […]

BARF Actually Proves To Be Beneficial To Your Dog

You may be scratching your head when you are told that BARF is actually good for your dog to eat. It is not what you are thinking. BARF is actually a diet plan being followed by many dog owners. Scientists call it “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food,” while most dog owners refer it to as “Bones […]

How much should you feed a puppy?

Getting a new puppy is a great experience but how should you feed it? In this article we will examine how much you should feed your puppy. First, pick puppy food that is formulated specifically for puppies. When in doubt, it’s ideal to purchase brand name puppy food as opposed to cheap, generic stuff. You […]

Your pet’s health depends on all natural dog food

Pet owners often search for dog food with their pet’s health in mind. Because your dog’s nourishment plays a critical part in keeping them healthy and fit. Finding good dog food happens to be one of the largest problem for pet owners — plus one of the toughest problems for dog-food producers to solve. It […]