feeding dogs bones meat fruit vegetables

What is the BARF diet?

If you are a dog lover, you may have heard about the BARF diet. BARF, i.e., Bones And Raw Food, is a diet for your dogs that focuses on bones and raw meat, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

The diet includes around 70% raw meat and bones, around 30% fruits, vegetables, and dairy, etc.

Those of us who follow the BARF diet usually say that all food that is  free of antibiotics and hormones is best for pet food. But, we have to ensure that our pets are getting a balanced diet, which is necessary for its good health.

Sometimes, you may find it is difficult to follow this diet for your dog as it is a time-consuming task. Your dog needs the proper nutrients, because it can not survive otherwise. So if you don’t have a clear idea about how the BARF diet works, take time to study is because there is a chance that the diet can become unbalanced and this can lead to several serious health problems for the dog.

The BARF diet includes feeding your dog most bone sections, that is the neck, back, wing, etc. and the diet contains more bones than the meat. Unlike other diet plans, in the BARF diet you have to include supplements to balance the diet.

The BARF diet is often misunderstood. Many people think that raw bones are dangerous for dogs, but that if the bones are cooked then there is no need to worry. However, when we cook the bone, it changes the structure of the bone, and causes it to become brittle and indigestible.

On the other hand, raw bones are chewable, and will digest quickly. Raw bones contain a lot of phosphorus and calcium, both of which are essential for a dog. There is no need to feed your dog whole bones, either, since there is more to the diet than just bones.

Some people think that if your dog eats raw meat, it will behave aggressively. But do you know why they make this connection? A dog may get bored with the usual bowl of meal that they are offered every day. When the dog sees real bones and raw meat, they just can’t wait to taste them.

So, to avoid aggression between dogs during mealtime, do not start a BARF diet with more than one dog at a time. This aggressiveness only shows their excitement and enjoyment. Once they taste the food several times, they will become calm and get used to it. So, food which contains raw meat will not make your dog aggressive. If it is aggressive towards people, you have to give your dog proper training.

If you feed your dog only raw meat, it will not be a balanced diet, and it may lead to health issues. But, the BARF diet includes all sorts of food; that is, meat, bone, fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc. So there’s no need to worry about your dog not getting the essential nutrients.

A BARF diet will contain the correct amount of protein, fat, calcium, vitamins, phosphorus, minerals and all that a dog requires for healthy living.

Most of the pet food companies say that the dog food must always be balanced. But there is no need to be overly conscious about the food. Dogs have lived in the wild for thousands of years. They didn’t eat dog food…they ate real food. So there is no need to calculate the nutritional value of each and every ingredient. Just give your dog healthy and whole food.

Do you think dogs just eat meat? Many dog lovers don’t know dogs need fruits and vegetables also. For getting antioxidants, leafy vegetables are the best source. Also, your dog needs natural fiber to help digestion. From fruits, they will get all the carbohydrates, and it is a great energy source for your dog.

Fruits and vegetable will help your dog to keep their body in equilibrium. When dogs eat only raw meat, their body will become acidic, which will cause inflammation and lead to serious health issues. So to avoid this problem and to balance the diet, you have to feed them more fruits and vegetables.

If you follow a BARF diet for your dog, it will also help the dog when it becomes old. It will help the dog to steer clear of degenerative disease. So feed your dog a BARF diet and help it become healthy the natural way!